Personal Training

Analyze current fitness and skill levels and develop customized workouts to help the client reach their goals. Supervise and instruct the clients in proper form and techniques.  Encourage and monitor progress through the program.  $30 per hour.”

Coach Brian Darr

Basic coaching

Assess current fitness level and skills, assess available time and equipment, develop short and long term goals, develop overall plan and daily workouts, workouts sent weekly via Training Peaks software, assess workouts to develop following workouts. $125 per month. This program is geared mostly to continuous training without a target race. Communication via email and text.

Advanced coaching

Basic Coaching plus: develop workout and race day hydration and nutrition plan, workouts geared towards a particular event and conditions, one in person assessment per month as practical. $200 per month. This program is focused on a particular featured event with some smaller events. Communication via email, text and phone.

Coach Brian Darr
Coach Brian Darr

Individual services

Any of the above services and in person services on an as needed basis. $25 per hour. Possible services include, but not limited to: in person assessment of swimming, running and biking styles, coaching to improve the styles and form, development of reasonable goals and/or annual plan, development of hydration and nutrition plan, and transition practices.

Virtual Coaching and Personal Training

One on one coaching and training via an electronic format. Appropriate hardware and software will be recommended and required, but as simple as a cell phone and Zoom. Simple home items may be needed to add weight and resistance. This can also be in conjunction with in-person training, when the client is out of town. $25 per hour.

Coach Brian Darr
Coach Brian Darr

Fitness Classes

Group fitness classes with specific goals and target audiences. These classes will be streamed on a platform that is password protected. A variety of classes are being developed and a schedule will be posted. $5 per person per class.